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Bridging the Chesapeake: A 'Fool Idea' That Unified Maryland
by David W. Guth

Bridging the Chesapeake: A ‘Fool Idea’ That Unified Maryland is the story of two Marylands, one on each side the Chesapeake. Maryland was confederation of two shores, each traveling along its own path. From the days of the first English settlements in the 17th century, much of the state’s history centers on this intersectional rivalry. For nearly 100 years, Marylanders debated the value of building bridges across Chesapeake Bay.  More than an engineering problem, such a bridge posed political, cultural and environmental challenges. In many respects, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge saga mirrors the story of America. It is a story of visionary leaders willing to sacrifice their self-interests and of narrow-minded minions willing to put their needs above all others. It is a story of humanity’s ability to overcome a great physical barrier, and then being forced to deal with the unintended consequences. Above all, it is an American story.

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Crossing the Bay Bridge in 40 Seconds
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Building the Second Chesapeake Bay Bridge
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